SOURCE: BBC World Service – The World Today
(Note: Online broadcast available for limited time and in limited areas).

This morning, BBC World Service’s news program “The World Today” aired a story regarding child prostitution in the United States. The story was prefaced with the following remarks: “teenagers steered into prostitution because they are homeless, hungry and broke—a familiar story in Russia or Asia. What about in the United States?”



Yesterday, Barnardo’s charity in the UK held a conference titled “Youth Offending, Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking: What are the links?”

Presenters included professionals, researchers and academics doing relevant work. The purpose of the conference was to share the latest findings surrounding current issues, including:

• The difficulty of youth justice services identifying trafficked young offenders or recognizing a history of child sexual exploitation within the offender’s background;

• Once identified, evidence suggests that the relationship between welfare and justice can become confused and hard to manage. (From Barnardo’s conference flyer).



This entry analyzes four articles related to Swedish men arrested for the crime of child sex tourism (CST) in 2009.

In May 2009 three reports were published in The Local online, each of them about the sex crimes of different Swedish adult men (usually in their 50s or 60s) against children (between 7-14 years old) in other countries, namely Thailand, Cambodia and Kenya.

CST is by no means a problem exclusive to Sweden. However, these recent news stories provide an opportunity to discuss CST generally, and with reference to the unique case of Sweden.